Young Voices 2014


On Wednesday 15th January 2014, 42 children from Key Stage 2 travelled to Birmingham to attend the Young Voices Concert in the LG Arena. Miss Mungham and Mrs Pallett worked extremely hard with the children for a number of weeks after school to help prepare them for the event and to learn the large number of songs.

The children became part of 6000 strong children's choir and sang the songs incredibly well. The noise generated in the Arena sounded like we were at a One Direction concert! The children can now all say that they have performed to a crowd of 20,000 people at one of Britain's best concert arenas!

Young Voices is a great organisation, and if you want to find out more about the event or see some of the amazing work they do please visit their website at


What the Children Say

"It was brilliant, fantastic and absolutely awesome!" Owen (Year 5)

"It was excellent because all of the songs were really good!" Harleigh (Year 3)

"I have done Young Voices three times now and I love seeing all of the children's happy faces. I really enjoy singing and the songs are brilliant!" Rene (Year 6)

"I have done Young Voices because I have heard that it was really enjoyable. I enjoyed so much - on a scale of 100 it was 100!" Casey (Year 6)